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    To this day, we continue to produce quality developments.
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  • Single & Multi-Family Residences, Commercial Buildings, & Business Parks.

    We have developed 1000+ residential homes, townhomes, & condominiums & 150+ industrial/commercial units.

  • An Award-Winning Developer Committed to Honesty, Integrity, & Trust.

    Superior craftsmanship & progressive, sustainable design are the cornerstones of the values that define our company.

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The foundation of Dava Developments' body of work lies in residential real estate development. Our scope includes everything from luxury single-family homes in Shaugnessy to large multi-family developments in New Westminster. Here is a sample of communities that we have developed.


Dava Developments Ltd. has developed over 150 Commercial/Industrial office and warehouse units throughout Richmond, Delta, Surrey and Burnaby. The following are a few examples of commercial/industrial development projects that Dava Developments has created.


Since 2000, Dava Developments has dramatically increased its interest in real estate investment properties within Greater Vancouver. Our focus has been retail plazas and industrial properties, with a sample of some of our investment properties below:


Early Years.   Dr. David Chung, Ph.D started Dava Developments in 1979, when the potential of the Vancouver real estate market was still in its infancy. David spent the early days working on site with trades on all the homes he built, pouring his energy into each and every one. From designing and drafting the floor plans and elevations to hammering the nails and pouring concrete, there wasn't a single part of building homes that he did not involve himself in. These experiences have helped define the core values that Dava Developments is built upon: Honesty, Integrity and Service.

Dava Today.   Dava Developments continued to develop and build for the next 20 years until 1999, when David decided to change the direction of the company and focus on Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investments. The goal was to acquire and expand their real estate investment portfolio within Greater Vancouver, with a major emphasis on Richmond. Today, Dava Developments holds an interest in several large shopping plazas and industrial buildings within Greater Vancouver, having grown from its roots as a single-family home developer in the 80's into a thriving real estate investment company. Regardless of his success in real estate investment, David could not escape his passion for development. After acquiring several prime re-development sites, David decided to return to his home-building roots. Dava Developments is now engaged in the development of several commercial and residential multi-family projects and continues to uphold the same values that made Dava Developments the biggest single-family home developer in Richmond in the 1990's.